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Attic and Deck Building in Singapore

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When it comes to enhancing your living space and adding value to your home in Singapore, attic and deck building are excellent options to consider. At 3ebuilder Construction, we specialize in attic construction, attic building, and deck building, offering top-notch services tailored to meet your specific needs.
Our expert team of builders is skilled in various aspects of attic construction, including attic flooring, ensuring a sturdy and functional space. Whether you require additional storage, a spare room, or a cozy study area, our attic construction services can transform your underutilized attic into a valuable asset.
For deck building, we excel in metal deck framing and roof decking, creating durable and visually appealing outdoor spaces. Our deck construction and atrium building services provide you with a versatile area for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the beautiful Singaporean weather.

Types of Attics We Build

At 3ebuilder Construction, we offer various types of attic and deck building to suit your preferences and requirements


Truss Attics

These attics feature trusses that support the roof structure and provide ample storage space.


Scuttle Attics

Scuttle attics are accessed via a small opening or hatch and are often used for storage purposes.


Vented Attics

Vented attics have openings that allow for proper air circulation, preventing moisture buildup and ensuring a comfortable environment.


Unvented Attics

Unvented attics do not have openings and are typically insulated to enhance energy efficiency.


Garage Attics

Garage attics are located above the garage space and can be converted into livable areas or utilized for storage.

Benefits of Deck Building

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Deck building offers numerous advantages for homeowners in Singapore.
Here are some key benefits:
1. Increased Outdoor Living Space: Decks provide an extension of your living space, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.
2. Versatility: Decks can be customized to fit your specific needs and can accommodate various activities, such as hosting gatherings, barbecuing, or simply relaxing.
3. Enhanced Aesthetics: Well-designed decks can enhance the overall appearance of your home and add value to your property.
4. Low Maintenance: Compared to other outdoor flooring options, decks require relatively low maintenance, making them a convenient choice for homeowners.
Difference between Deck and Patio
Speaking in architectural terms, a deck is typically constructed above the ground level, while a patio is built at ground level. Decks are commonly made of wood or composite materials, whereas patios are often constructed with concrete or stone.
By choosing 3ebuilderConstruction for your attic and deck building, you can experience these benefits and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that complements your lifestyle. We are also your ultimate patio builders whom you can trust.



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